We know that what is even more important than recovering your money, is preserving your image,
while ensuring that your customers are true to their word. Our staff prides itself
by its profesionalism and respect. Any complaint concerning our staff is dealt with immediately
in order to maintain a good relationship with our customers

Accounts Receivables

With the experience acquired over the years and several requests from our customers,
we are able to offer you a personalized account receivables management according to your needs.

Here are just a few benefits from using our services:

Increase your cashflow
Minimise your DSO
Better personel management concerning sicks days or overtime
Have all your bills dealt with in a timely matter, regardless of the amount

Other available options are:

Incoming mail management(outgoing bills)
Outgoing mail management(billing)

Tenant Selector

Thanks to this service, all property owners can make an informed decision and protect their investment. Click Here to get started.

Feel free to contact us for more information.